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The Aerobie® Story
Since 1984, Aerobie brand sport toys have been known to provide exciting performance while encouraging physical activity involving skill and exercise. How did the brand develop its reputation for top-notch quality? We hope these pages will give you an insider's view of the history of Aerobie brand sport toys.
Aerobie sport toys are famous for their high performance standards. But such quality doesn't come without scientific wisdom and adequate testing. Read about the scientific value of Aerobie brand products, from original ideas to trials to end products.
Over the past two decades, Aerobie has been featured in dozens of national publications, ranging from the New York Times to Scientific American to Scholastic News to Elle Magazine. Take a peek at Aerobie's historic fame and glory.
From the invention of the Aerobie Pro in 1984 to our first listing in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1986 to the introduction of Squidgies and footballs in the 1990s to the latest world record of 2003, the history of the Aerobie brand is rich and plentiful. Read about some highlights from our history and our vision for the future of Aerobie sport toys.

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