Fullmoon Roasting/Vollmondröstung

Café Kogi is a specialty coffee spiritually grown by the Kogi tribe from Colombia. It grows in the highland jungles of northern Colombia in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Kogi call it the Heart of the Word. They themselves are the Guardians of the Earth, taking care for nature with their inmemorial knowledge of spirituality and nature. The Kogi attend their plants from the first seeding to the plant caring, the harvest and the processing of the coffee cherries till the shipment in Cartagena with a lot of spiritual rituals. Doing that, they connect with ALUNA, the nothing, the thougt, the beginning... We are partner of the Kogi importing (direct trade) and roasting this coffee for the European market. You will find it at www.urwaldkaffee.de. 2017 we decided to complete their vision of healing the world with a special edition of Café Kogi. In cooperation with an experienced astrologist we roast some coffee at a moment of very special time quality. It´s not just fullmoon, we had to wait for 3 months for "our" right fullmoon. Following that we hope to reach a new level of spiritual energy for Café Kogi helping the Kogi tribe to preserve their old world and wisdom in our modern world - connecting worlds by finest coffee.

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